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“We developed the VARTA ProMotive AGM together with leading manufacturers for commercial vehicles.”

Company: Clarios EMEA
Name: Thorsten Werle
Position: Engineering Design Lead Heavy Duty
Location: Hannover, Germany
Brands: VARTA


Battery requirements for modern heavy commercial vehicles have changed significantly due to

  • Governmental regulations to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Constantly growing amount of driving assistance systems
  • Increasing numbers of electronic comfort features
  • Fuel saving functions leading to changes in the vehicle construction


The ProMotive AGM battery has passed both lab and road tests and fulfills all key requirements to be labelled an original spare part:

  • The ProMotive AGM battery has passed both lab and road tests and fulfills all key requirements to be labelled an original spare part:
  • Excellent cold cranking power
  • Superior cycling performance & deep discharge capabilities
  • Highest vibration resistance
  • Advanced charge acceptance


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The power of the ProMotive AGM

“OE manufacturers choose the ProMotive AGM to provide their customers with reliability and longevity.“

"The constantly growing number of electronic devices andnew powertrain technologies means that the battery needsto grow as well. Therefore, the leading heavy commercialvehicle manufacturers started building a sustainablepartnership with us to deal with these ever growingchallenges. This is how the new ProMotive AGM battery fortrucks and busses came into being.In close collaboration, we analyzed the power consumptionof modern commercial vehicles which led to thedevelopment of new laboratory tests and specifications.Combining the results with the know-how from our carbattery segment paved the way for the development of theVARTA ProMotive AGM battery."

The result:

“AGM technology allows the batteries to deliver more energy due to its deep discharging capabilities. At the same time AGM batteries absorb higher energy loads due to their enhanced charge acceptance compared to conventional batteries. It meets the highest vibration requirements on the market and is suitable for end-of-frame installation. In short: the VARTA ProMotive AGM combines economy, safety and reliability in one product.”

AGM gives peace of mind to fleet managers and drivers.” 

“Long-term trials have confirmed that the VARTA ProMotive AGM lives up to the promises we made about it. Almost all manufacturers have approved the battery and are integrating the VARTA ProMotive AGM as Original Equipment into their latest generation of heavy commercial vehicles. If you already have well-equipped trucks, it’s worth upgrading them with our AGM battery. It gives drivers and fleet operators additional security against battery failures, reduces overall operating costs and ensures that fleets don’t miss their delivery slots and keep their customers satisfied. An AGM lasts up to six times longer compared to conventional batteries. Its advanced deep cylcing capacity provides energy for the comfort functions during drivers’ breaks without losing the ability to start the truck reliably after the resting period. These techological achievements reduce the risk of downtimes and improve the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO). This decrease of battery related breakdowns ensures peace of mind for the fleet management as their fleets face less penalties for delayed arrivals and save valuable time and money. Thus, the VARTA ProMotive AGM is absolutely future-proof and still has a lot of free capacity available for additional energy consumers.”

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Looking for a battery that keeps up to date with your truck?

Looking for a battery that keeps up to date with your truck?

Through the VARTA Fleet Program, you will get consultancy to find the right battery technology for the needs of your fleet.
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