We are bringing you new educational services 

Modern cars demand a lot from the battery, but even more from you professionals in the workshop. That´s why we believe it´s our mission not only to develop and produce the best batteries for every application, but also to share our know-how with you. After all, it is you who make people leave the workshop happy and satisfied. We’re working on bringing you E-Learning programs to support you and encourage excellence within your business.

Battery Essentials

This training starts with a close look to all the information provided on the label and gives you a detailed explanation of what’s actually behind the numbers and icons. 

What does CCA stands for, and for which applications Capacity becomes important? What does “EN” mean and why this is also relevant for battery testing. All this will be answered… and much more

  • Battery standards and test methods
  • Internal construction of batteries
  • Why the grid technology is important for performance and reliably of the battery
  • The difference between AGM, EFB and conventional batteries
  • What happens with the battery during operation
  • Safety Instructions when working with batteries
  • Tips for storage and maintenance

Advanced Automotive

In this training we will start with a close look to the different technologies available in the market and the benefits and potential limitations in certain applications.

Today’s vehicles feature a lot of different strategies to achieve fuel efficiency and comfort. From basic Start-Stop technology to multi-battery systems with 48V. In this training we go through different strategy car manufacturers follow.

  • Full insights in the different available battery technologies (AGM, EFB, SLI)
  • Start-Stop and enhanced fuel-saving strategies in modern vehicles
  • VARTA Automotive Battery Portfolio
  • How to make the battery replacement most cost efficient
  • Best business practice tips for the battery exchange
  • Recommendations on how to test Start-Stop-batteries
  • Multi-Battery Systems (Aux-batteries)


In this training you will learn all about the two main enemies for batteries:

1) The “Root of Evil”: the phenomena of acid stratification, responsible for most of the premature battery breakdowns.

2) Vibration as the second cause for battery breakdowns in the field. Learn everything about the technical features to cope with increased vibration stress.

  • Market Trends and developments
  • The importance of additional metrics besides CCA and Capacity.
  • Why Depth-of-Discharge is more important than rated capacity.
  • The energy demand of modern vehicles
  • A deep dive into the effect of acid stratification (optional)
  • Unique features of Promotive AGM and EFB batteries for highest endurance and reliability