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Depth of discharge for truck batteries

Depth of discharge for truck batteries

By running this process the monitored battery usage counter in the BMS will be reset to zero. Regarding battery capacity and technology we always recommend a ‘like-for-like’ or ‘better-for-like’ replacement. Never downsize the replacement battery!

Basically the same procedure is applied when using the Hella Gutmann diagnostic device.

If you use the VCDS for battery replacement in VAG vehicles or vehicles using VW technology there is a slightly different procedure depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with control unit 61. In this case you need to select control unit ’61 battery control’ and after that the right menu path. Here you can insert the needed OE spare part number and a 10 digit serial number. As we recommend to replace ‘like-for-like’ you can stay with the original OE spare part number if you replace the original battery with the same technology and performance. Slight deviations of the ratings is not a problem. If you replace ‘better-for-like’ you need to take the OE spare part number corresponding to the new battery chosen. For the requested serial number any 10 digit number can be applied.

In alternative it is also possible to reprogram the new battery into the vehicles BMS by selecting the battery parameters manually. The approach is quite similar to the BOSCH KTS or Hella Gutmann tools.

The following example shows this approach of battery coding in a Škoda KODIAQ 1.5 TSI using a VCDS diagnostic device.